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Networking is a burglar alarm "air defense, anti-technology, anti-matter" a combination of safety and security system, security sector is recognized as the most effective security measures. Network alarm wide application, users spend a very low investment that you can get all-round, all-weather security services. In many places, network alarm has become an important means of social security, the alarm center 24 hours a day to run and was on duty, responsive and accurate. When an windows had been broken, thieves burglary, glass smashed, etc., the detector will detect and start the scene intelligent alarm, while the transmission network alarm warning to the city center, it will automatically display the location on an electronic map of the police intelligence center and sound an alarm, the alarm center staff on duty after the approval of the police intelligence, will be automatically displayed on the electronic map directing police intelligence on the location and sound an alarm, the alarm center staff on duty after the approval of the police intelligence, command and patrol officers or linkage nearest Police rushed to the incident Alarming or rescue scene.

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From the foundation in 2008, Daying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has gathered a professional elite team in security alarm field. Our company has become a high tech enterprise by uniting the technological innovation, research ...

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